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A Tribute to Pete Seeger


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Scot Sier Music Calendar and Pete Seeger Archive News

Hello Music Fans,

I've got a new music project I am excited to tell you about. It's called,  FITMM (Faith In The Mystery Machine) The nice folks at the Pete Seeger archives (David Dunaway official biographer) are featuring a song from this project on their new social media site launching soon. It's called, "Wall Street" .

And in honor of Seeger's legacy and with the latest news from NASA that says we may be on our way out, I present to you a Youtube video of Wall Street which you can hear live at the Pourhouse this Friday!

To purchase a copy of David's biography of Pete Seeger click here:

To read the NASA report click here:

Show Dates:

Scot Sier @ The Pourhouse
April 4 - San Francisco
8:30-10. No cover!
1327 Polk Street, San Francisco

*Please note that I am available for private house concerts and parties for those interested. Please email me for more information.

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