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Have you ever felt the alienation of life as an outsider, wondered what it would feel like to be chosen to colonize Mars, or had to cross the ocean in a raft forced to flee from war in your country? These are a few of the topical songs from the acclaimed “Space And Other Things” album by singer-songwriter, Scot Sier.


A former child prodigal violinist turned guitar-slinging singer-songwriter with a long family history of musicians, Sier shape-shifts music genres into a highly unique style. All of which bears out on his second album release recorded in the minimalist fashion that is popular today. “I want to showcase topical issues in the world through alternative guitar tunings that draw the listener into the stories being told. The incredible things you can do as a tech-savvy DIY artist today make it easy to record music that rivals most anything from the past” Sier exclaims.

Space and Other Things is a follow-up to the fan-funded “Heads Or Tales” album. Recorded in San Francisco at Tiny Telephone Studios, Hyde Street Recorders, and Fantasy Studios it has the classic Sier sound. Lots of crunchy guitars, vocal harmonies, and layered orchestral parts thanks to co-producer Josh Fix. It features a one-of-a-kind guitar tuning that contributes to his unique songwriting and guitar playing style. 

As an entrepreneur and builder of communities, Sier has brought together musicians from across the globe as the founder of Budda Amplification. A high-end boutique guitar and effects company that to this day is sold in over one hundred countries. After selling the company to a premier music company, Sier's love of music led to a return to songwriting and performing with many international collaborators who have contributed to his music compositions. Including renowned musical guest appearances on Space And Other Things, the “Death Mask” international Covid noise collaboration, and the Occupy SoundCloud Music project that hosted over seven hundred protest songs from Global participants during the “Occupy Wall Street” movement against economic inequality in September 2011.

To raise awareness of the importance of protest songs, Sier founded DUC. A global activist lifestyle brand that is now a music record label that will release Space And Other Things in the Fall of 2022. Join our mail list for release updates.