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The Pandemic Project

The Pandemic Project and International "Death Mask" music collaboration address the social, political and spiritual effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I released a total of forty six songs on Bandcamp that I recorded under quarantine. My intention in beginning this project is to engage people from all over the world to contemplate the tremendous disruption caused by Covid 19. 

About Death Mask

Like many musicians I found myself focusing of the challenges of creating music during a pandemic.  This led to the creation of a twenty-two minute stream of consciousness guitar composition that expressed the emotions I was feeling from the social and economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I then asked myself, why not invite others to join me? I reached out to several musicians I recorded with in the past to collaborate on this project. Once they heard the composition, they were eager to contribute. This group grew by connecting with musicians from across the globe and asking them to participate. Countries represented, include Lithuania, Siberia, Austria and the Czech Republic as well as a number of states across the United States.
This project was intended to be an open-ended collaboration which exists in real time, and even now continues to expand. My intention in starting this project is to bring people together to create a music soundscape about the economic, political, social and spiritual discord brought on from disruptive change. 

As you listen, you will hear deep layers of rhythmic counterpart, interspersed with guitar, drums/percussion, theremin, vibraphone, xylophone, Moog, kinetic sounds and Tuvan throat singing.

I hope you enjoy our collaboration. 

All proceeds from downloads go to Doctors Without Borders

Scot Sier

Visit our geo-locater map that pinpoints each artists country and website so you can learn more about their music, culture and performances: 


Scot Sier

Download the Pandemic Project Below




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