The Covid Project and "Death Mask" Collaboration are about the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

A total of forty six songs were recorded and released on Bandcamp. My intention in beginning this project is to engage people from all over the world to contemplate the tremendous disruption caused by Covid 19 all over the world.

Proceeds from downloads go to Doctors Without Borders.

About Death Mask

I recorded a twenty-two minute stream of consciousness avant-garde guitar composition that expressed the multitude of emotions I was feeling about the impact of the virus. While recording it, I thought there are people all over the world experiencing the same thing and what better way to express them then to invite others to participate in a global collaboration.

I invited many artists from across the world to contribute to the recording. It is intended to be an open-ended collaboration which will change over time. My intention in beginning this project is to engage people to contemplate the disruption caused by Covid 19.


For information on our collaborators, visit our geo-map locater link for their country of origin and website:

Scot Sier

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