RSVP For Updates On The International Covid Music Project

Thank you for visiting our Covid Music Project musician geo-locate for the open ended collaborative "Death Mask" composition. The new dystopian shamanic avant-grade composition is from the "Fate" album of the four part Covid Rebellion series. I composed a one take stream of consciousness basic guitar track for this piece and invited several artists to contribute to the recording. The result is a twenty-two minute collaborative effort.


This series is intended to be open ended and will change over time. My intention in beginning this project is to engage people from all over the world to contemplate the tremendous disruption caused by Covid 19 all over the world.

I invite you to visit  Bandcamp where you can stream and download all four albums.  Each albums represents a different music genre.  - 1. Love - (Ballads), 2. Fate - (Experimental), 3. Stasis - (Alternative Electronic Pop), 4. Disruption - (Guitar shred, Punk and Pop).

$1 of every download will go to Doctors Without Borders.

Thanks for your support.