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Heads or Tales


The Kickstarter crowd sourced album features eleven songs that explore many musical genres and topics. From the Buddhist rock song, "Shining Light" written in a one of a kind guitar tuning discovered in a mysterious dream to the barn burner Americana tune " Harvester Grille" and Gypsy Punk song, " Cocktail For The Blue", listeners are drawn into the colorful mind of a child prodigal violinist exploring the boundaries of music. 

Pandemic Project

The Pandemic Project and International "Death Mask" music collaboration is a twenty-two minute stream of consciousness guitar composition that expresses the multitude of emotions I experienced from the social implications of Covid-19. 

I invited many renown artists from across the world to contribute to the recording. It is intended to be an open-ended collaboration which will change over time. My intention in starting this project is to bring people together to create a music soundscape about the economic, political, social and spiritual discord brought on from disruptive change.


For information on our collaborators, visit our geo-map locater link for their country of origin and website: