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Inspired by a one of a kind guitar tuning discovered in a dream, the eleven songs I wrote for the album are a lyrical and poetic diary of growing up in the Midwest and California. The album opens with the fast-paced Americana tune "Harvester Grille" featuring the Stovall Sister's known for their soulful harmonies on Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky" song which takes you on a sonic journey that covers a wide variety of music styles. From indie-pop ("Shining Light", "Miss Your Smile", The Painter") to the Gypsy punk of "Cocktail For The blue" featuring members of the Hot Club of San Francisco, the album is a wild ride you are sure to enjoy. 

"More then just music - it’s a keen and honest observation of humanity” Melodymine Magazine.



Introducing Space And Other Things, a dystopian rock opera that delves into the migratory story of humans and their quest for survival in a world threatened by unsustainable warming. Led by futurist Scot Sier, this eight-track album invites listeners to ponder the future and how we can 
shape it.

The album's themes are as timely as they are thought-provoking. From the assault on human rights (LGBTQ, Refugee, 7 Generations) to the rise of authoritarianism (Newspaper Man), each song represents a "hero's journey" for change. The album also explores philosophical debates on spirituality and human potential (Venus, The Actor, Memory In Time), encouraging listeners to reflect on the role they can play in shaping a better future.

With its powerful lyrics and haunting melodies, Space And Other Things is an emotional journey that challenges listeners to confront the harsh realities of our world and the possibilities of 
what's to come. 

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