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Scot Sier’s Debut Album

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Hello Everyone,

It's Scot Sier, and I am here to raise money for my Heads or Tales album. Instead of creating a video of me personally explaining why you should donate to my Kickstarter campaign, I thought I would let my new Athena song in my campaign video (above) and Heads or Tales music sampler (below) speak for me.

What Does The Album Sounds Like?

Why Kickstarter

I am glad you found my campaign. This is an exciting moment in my musical career and you can help me take it to the next level. As an independent artist, financing and self-producing Heads or Tales has been a costly project four years in the making. I broke the piggy bank recording all the tracks with the help of over thirty talented San Francisco Bay Area musicians. With your support, I can finish mixing and mastering the album and celebrate the joy of sharing these songs with all of you this summer.

Why Donate

I hope that the Athena video and music sampler caught your attention so that you are excited to hear the songs in their entirety! Heads or Tales is an album filled with songs for rebels, lovers, poets and dreamers, which is pretty much a snapshot of my life's work as a singer-songwriter.

Many of the songs I have written, including several of those on the album have successfully appeared in some noteworthy projects for this reason.

Here are a few recent examples:

"Karma Sea" and "Shining Light" will be featured on PBS's Road Trip Nation TV series this fall that that will be broadcast to over 300 television stations nation wide.

"Broken String Serenade" appears in a video for the iPhone exercise app GoTeemo by Swedish company, Bonnier R&D.

"Athena" appears in a video for acclaimed Seattle artist, Buster Simpson's "Veiled Carbon Helix" sculpture at Seattle, Washington's Sea-Tac Airport.

"Wall Street" is currently featured on the Remembering Pete Seeger site curated by official Pete Seeger biographer, David Dunaway.

I truly appreciate your supporting my Heads or Tales Kickstarter campaign by backing my album so that I can hit my goal and release my record in both a beautiful vinyl and CD package for your listening pleasure. For your pledge, I have created some unique incentive rewards in the form of beautiful hand crafted jewelry created by San Francisco artist, Douglas Brett and myself. So click HERE and choose a pledge package that best fits your budget.

How The Money Will Be Spent

I am excited to mix the album with producer Kevin Augunas at Sound City Studio in Los Angeles, California. Kevin has an impeccable track record working with a broad array of talented artists, ranging from The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, to Grammy nominees The Lumineers. Sound City is a landmark studio in the world of rock and roll, with a documentary film on its history produced by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

My Background and Vision

Music is my passion and I have dedicated my life to the guitar, song-writing and the search for the perfect tone. I found it in the form of the award-winning guitar amplifier company, Budda Amplification, which I co-founded in 1995 with Jeff Bober and Paul Lamb.

I began my musical career studying classical violin and swapped my horse hairs for a pick once I heard Jimi Hendrix play the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. As a performer and songwriter, I like to write melodic songs and compelling lyrics that tell the story of life in America. For my Heads or Tales album, I chose fourteen of my favorites that I feel represent my diverse musical tastes.

These songs explore new music pathways that infuse my love of classical music and alternative rock with unique alternate guitar tunings, all orchestrated by a top notch San Francisco Bay Area lineup. I like to think of this record as a musical journey, with many exciting twists and turns for you to enjoy.

The Sessions

I recorded all the basic tracks for the album at Tiny Telephone Studios and Hyde Street in San Francisco with studio engineer, Justin Phelps behind the board. We had a blast cutting the record live to two-inch tape to duplicate an old-school analog vibe for the recordings.

To create the lush orchestration on the album, I put together a talented team of musicians that helped interpret the unique sound of this record. We recorded some amazing performances during the recording of Heads or Tales. It is now time to wrap it up. Your backing support will help cover the substantial post-production costs. These include mixing and mastering the album, creating the artwork and manufacturing the CD/vinyl. These costs are summed up in the budget section below.

I am very proud of this recording and the performances of the gifted musicians who appear on it. I am also appreciative of the support and patience of my family, friends and fans who are eagerly waiting to see it completed. (Yes, we will get it done!) I thank you for your donation and promise to return the music in kind.

Scot Sier


Next Steps

*I need to raise $20,000 over 40 days to complete the record, so please pass this campaign on so I can hit my goal!

As you may know, Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding platform, so no amount is too small in supporting my campaign.

Please share my Kickstarter with your friends, family and music fans!


Professional Mixing and Mastering Team

Mixing: Los Angeles producer, Kevin Augunas

Mastering: Pete Maher mastering:

Artwork: James Seevers

CD Manufacturing: 1000 CDs with artwork.

Vinyl Manufacturing: 350 Black 180 Gram double-record with large format art and shrink wrap.

Total budget cost including all the above and PR/Art Work and Packaging: $20,000


I believe that spreading the love of music is its own greatest reward. But, if you decide to pledge to my campaign, I also have some wonderful gifts for you. Have a look at the exclusive Incentive

Rewards For The Many Different Donation Levels

I am offering beautifully hand crafted jewelry produced by me and San Francisco artist,Douglas Brett.

Bronze Donor $50+ - Custom Hand Made Small "Bronze Shining Light " Necklace. (Donation Includes Necklace Plus Reward Incentives.)

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Circle Donor $5,000+ - Custom Hand Made "White Gold Shining Light Pearl Diamond" Necklace. (Donation Includes Necklace Plus Reward Incentives.

*Prototype Budda Twinmaster Ten Guitar Amplifier

Collectors Circle $10,000 - * Receive the original prototype Budda Amplification Twinmaster Ten guitar amplifier that launched the high- gain, low-wattage guitar amplifier revolution in 1995. Hand crafted by Jeff Bober, Paul Lamb and yours truly, this is the holy grail of guitar tone, used on many of the songs recorded on Heads or Tales. Don't miss out on this one and only pledge if you are a serious vintage collector.

Album Artwork

For the Heads or Tales CD and Vinyl physical package I chose Bay Area artist, James Seever's, "Never Not Enough" painting for the cover. (I feel that James' artwork truly captures the unique qualities of this album in a powerful visual statement.) Here is what the album cover will look like:

I dedicate this album to my late mother, Sonia Naumoff, my father Duane Sier and to my late violin teacher, Florence Linden. I also would like to give special thanks to my wife, Anne O’Brien for her support, the extended Sier/Naumoff family, along with the following musicians, engineers, studios and companies for helping make this project a dream come true.

Album Credits

Mark Abbott - Drums, Scott Amendola – Drums, Adrian Areas – Percussion, Paulo Baldi – Drums, Sam Bass- Cello, Wil Blades – Hammond b-3, Jeff Bober, Budda Amplification, DR Strings, Jamie Durr – Engineer, Hand Claps, Fender, Fantasy Studios, Faultline Studios, Josh Fix – Piano. synths, John Garnache – Bass, Danny Gewen – Trombone, Hyde Street Recorders, Andy Korn – Drums, Joe Kay – Engineer, Bruce Kurnow – Harp, harmonica, Paul Lamb – Bass, Moog, French Horn, Little Labs, Jeff Michaels – Piano, rhodes, Jon Mulvey – Engineer, Anne O’Brien – Backup Vocals, Karyn Paige – Backup Vocals, Justin Phelps – Engineer, Wieslaw Porgozelski – Violin, David Phillips – Pedal Steel, Evan Price - Violin, Jeff Price- Trumpet, Aaron Priskorn – Trumpet, PRS Guitars,Rob Reich – Accordion, Royer Labs, Jimmy Sage – Drums, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Ben Schwarzmen – Moog, The Stovall Sisters – Backup vocals, Mike Sugar- Bass, Patti Weiss – Violin, Voodoo Lab, Yosh - Engineer. Razz Kennedy, Vocal Coach.

With love to my daughter Stephanie, for inspiring so much of this music.