Shining Light And The Mystical Tuning

"We are the sum of the atoms of our universe. What passes through our bodies every nanosecond is the beginning of time and the entire existence of mankind. Which leads me to believe that if these atoms are composed of the souls of all life forces, then it is possible to tune into this energy in sacred and profound places."​

One of those sacred places is Goat Rock Beach, near the small hamlet of Jenner, California on the Sonoma Coast. It was here that I had a mystical experience that changed my thoughts on life after death.

The seaside town of Jenner is a rugged and beautiful place located at the junction of the Russian River and Pacific Ocean. This small hamlet represents the yin and yang of the Sonoma California Coast. The Russian river is engaged in a constant battle with the intruding waves of the Pacific Ocean as they collide together at the mouth where they meet. The air is filled with negative charged ions that alter the energy field, adding to an increased awareness of the surrounding area and the internal dialog of the mind.

It was a typical coastal summer night in Jenner the evening that I encountered this unusual