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Danger Village Premiers "The Painter" From Heads Or Tales Album


By: Beth Martinez

Mixtape art: Brock Lefferts

Today I am so excited to be sharing with you the inaugural edition of our monthly No Guest List Required feature. People are constantly asking me what I am listening to that should be on their radar. To answer that question, Danger Village is now curating a monthly playlist of hot new artists that we are placing our bets on.

As a launching pad, we have created a mix of artists that you have already heard from us like Miya Folick, BISHOP and Barrie Rose, and have added a few new artists like The Wild Wild, BECA, KYYN, and Shape King that we think you should have your attention.

In the past, my seasonal mixes included the first songs from many artists who went on to become successful artists: Chvrches, Lorde, Banks, SOHN, Benjamin Clementine, Neon Indian, Jungle, Jagwar Ma, and many more. Our No Guest List Required feature seeks to draw attention to more new artists that we think you should be watching out for.

Thank you for listening and checking out more from each artist! Please share the songs and playlist.

1. Goldroom – “Till Sunrise”

Tastefully rising and falling with its sun-drenched instrumental, “Embrace” is an exquisite piece of pop music. The vocals from Mammals twist and turn at will, carrying the song’s sticky melodies and undeniable chorus.

2. The Wild Wild – “When We Were Young” With vibrant synths and vocals darting in and out, “When We Were Young” is exciting, danceable pop, as relatable as the subject it covers: the sun-splashed days of youth and summer.

3. Hawai – “In My Head” Anchored by earnest vocals and easy-flowing rhymes, “In My Head” manages to be cinematic and casual at the same time, a harmonious duality that is usually hard to capture.

4. BISHOP – “River” With punishing horns, a massive chorus, irresistible handclaps and stomps, “River” is a musical tour de force that firmly establishes BISHOP as a breakout artist of 2016.

5. Miya Folick – “Oceans” A reflection on fighting off the fear and panic associated with potential and desire, “Oceans” is a dimly lit daydream that builds to a biting rock ballad, trembling with emotion over a ghostly, echoing guitar.

6. BECA – “Enabler” Propelled by a relentless backbeat, “Enabler” is insatiable, driving forward with timely flourishes of 80s influenced production and BECA’s ethereal vocals.

7. KYYN – “Walk On Water” Backed by sparse production, KYYN’s sultry vocals welcomes the listener into her dark and brooding world. Her voice ranges from soaring to an intimate whisper to a stirring and haunting effect.

8. Shape King – “We Are Together” From its whimsical opening keyboard line to the gloriously chaotic ending, “We Are Together” is brimming with good vibes and a charming ode to love without ever being syrupy or saccharine.

9. Greg Hvnsen – “What Would You Have Me Do” Taking electronic music’s charming elements, “What Would You Have Me Do” is masterfully crafted with its earnest hooks, breezy demeanor and an exuberant instrumental break.

10. Barrie Rose – “Laffy Taffy” Built upon a foundation of an infectious hook, throbbing synths and a touch of harp, “Laffy Taffy” is a poignant track that affirms Barrie’s unwavering commitment to her artistic aspirations.

11. Scot Sier – “The Painter” "Stripped and baring all, The Painter is a wistful love song comprised of twinkling piano notes, tender vocals and lightly strummed guitar chords." Beth Martinez, Danger Village

Purchase a download copy of The Painter here.

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