Colonizer Sessions - Anarchists Guide To The Universe Album

May 29, 2016




Colonizer Sessions
Colonizer is a song that celebrates the  music of the late David Bowie. Bowie was a pure artist, always pushing the envelope to explore multiple levels of the subconscious. I am especially fond of the song,  "Space Oddity"  that captured his Major Tom alter-ego. The delay effect of the guitar mirrored the mysterious essence of the stars and the orchestration and synths the perfect soundtrack to space travel. Together they bridged the worlds of rock and classical music to tell the story of alienation and the frontiers of the unknown. 


I scored the orchestral parts with up coming composer/multi-instrumentalist, Chase Jackson. Chase brought his vibraphone chops to the song along with his charting skills to orchestrate the tune for strings and horns.

To lay down a solid rhythm foundation for the song, I recorded with bassist, Chris Chaney from the band, Jane's Addiction and session drummer Aaron Sterling who toured with John Mayer..  The pocket was slamming and it was truly a treat to work with  these great musicians.

The string parts were recorded by Cameron Stone whose cello resume includes composing and performing with the likes of POE, Michael Jackson and Brian Wilson. Katie Sloan played violin on the song and has toured with Gnarls Barkley and recored with a wide variety of songwriters from, Paul McCartney to Usher. Together their tone infused beauty into the melody to create a depth of emotion that will take you on a journey into deep space and beyond. 


I've always been a fan of Pink Floyd's, "Dark Side of the Moon" album.  To capture a bluesy vibe similar to Clare Torry's vocal solo on Floyd's Great Gig In The Sky song, I invited singer-songwriter, Lindsay Garfield into the studio to sing a backing vocal part. To my surprise I learned that she was a classically trained opera singer, which changed the direction of the song completely. What I thought would be a blues/Gospel vocal turned into an epic operatic treat!




I've always loved the  forlorn tone of the French horn, ever since hearing it on Beatles records. John Petring, principal horn player for the Santa Monica Symphony delivered a powerful performance in the studio. The combination of violin, cello, French horn and vibes beautifully captured the essence of space travel. Together, we created a wonderful track that will take listeners on a unique sonic journey.


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