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KALW Radio - The Importance Of Protest Songs Interview

KALW Radio interview with Hanna Baba. Listen to the show below.

"Scot Sier believes that protest music is a powerful source of inspiration for movements like Occupy And Black Lives Matter. And he's compiled more than 700 new songs - from hip hop to R&B, and reggae to dub step – to share." Hanna Baba Crosscurrents host @ NPR’s KALW Radio.

Music and activism play an important role in bringing people together on issues of inequality and injustice. The up coming "Anarchist Guide To The Universe" album we are wrapping up for a summer 2020 release pays tribute to the songwriters who participated in the Soundcloud protest song playlist.

Today more then ever, activist artists are expressing themselves in ways that showcase the darker side of human nature to bring light to the future. One song at a time, we forge a united front that brings all peoples together in harmony.

Please stop by the Deep Under Cover website and pick up one of our popular T-Shirts. Your support helps make a difference for the joy and hope that music brings to people across the globe.

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