Anarchist Guide To The Universe Album. Summer 2020 Release

February 23, 2020




Welcome to the dystopian future. A place where the stories of rebel poets lead you down a path to new sonic experiences. We can't guarantee everyone a ticket to this special place, but for those lucky enough to take the trip, a key to the castle of the underground awaits you. Subscribe for the official release date and tour.


Musical Guests


Luke Adams - Drums

Rahim Alhaj- Oud 

Chris Chaney - Bass 

Danny Frankel - Bongs/Drums/Percussion 

Lindsay Garfield - Vocals

Chase Jackson - Vibes, Piano, Synths, Arranging, Co-producer 

Aaron Janik - Trumpet

De’ Sean Jones - Sax 

Tatyana Mazur - Bandura 

John Petrig - French Horn 

Eddie Pimentel - Sax

Kirk Portuguese - Tenor Sax

Zach Ramacier - Trumpet 

Nicolo Scolieri - Flute

Katie Sloan - Violin 

Henry Solomon - Bari Sax

Aron Sterling  - Drums 

Cameron Stone - Cello

Robin Suhkadia - Tabla

Suzanne Teng - Flute

Evan Waltmire - Sax

Chris Votek - Cello


Produced by Scot Sier

Mixed by Michael Patterson,

Engineered by:  Luke Adams, Chase Jackson, Scot Sier, Aaron Sterling






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The Red QueenScot Sier
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