Anarchist Guide To The Universe Album Coming 2019

September 1, 2016



AGTTU is an album that plays like a musical. In many ways it is todays concept album that describes a post 911 dystopian world after the collapse of civilization during the digital dark ages.  


Steeped in the magic of mysticism, the album explores the effects of modern technology and corporatocracy on the quality of life, leading to a mass exodus to Mars for the privileged class.   


Humor and pathos collide together like a star exploding in the universe through the eleven songs that appear on the Anarchist Guide To The Universe album. From colonizing Mars to the elevation of consciousness thorough mind altering substances the human comedy is celebrated through a unique blend of songs that will keep you entertained for years to come.


We hope you will join us on this magical journey. To stay in touch on the release date of the album, sign up for our newsletter by clicking on the tour tab above.


Musical Guests


Aron Sterling  - Drums - John Mayer/Taylor Swift

Chris Chaney - Bass - Jane’s Addiction/Taylor Hawkins

Danny Frankel - Bongs/Drums/Percussion - KD Lang/Fiona Apple

Luke Adams - Drums

Chase Jackson - Vibes, Piano, Synths, Arranging, Co-producer - Wake The Wild

Rahim Alhaj- Oud - Smithsonia Folkways Artist

Tatyana Mazur - Bandura - Kiev National Artist

Suzanne Teng - Flute

Cameron Stone - Cello - POE

Chris Votek - Cello

Katie Sloan - Violin - Gnarls Barkley

Robin Suhkadia - Tabla

John Petrig - French Horn - Santa Monica Symphony

De’ Sean Jones - Sax - Knomadik

Eddie Pimentel - Sax

Aaron Janik - Trumpet

Zach Ramacier - Trumpet - Saint Motel

Henry Solomon - Bari Sax

Kern Haug - Drums

Evan Waltmire - Sax

Kirk Portuguese - Tenor Sax

Nicolo Scolieri - Flute

Monstserrat Espadale - Vocals

Lindsay Garfield - Vocals


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