Anarchist Guide To The Universe Album. Coming In 2021

The Anarchist Guide To The Universe album is a culmination of four years exploring the marriage of poetry, technology and music to tell a universal story of love and life in our information driven world. Inspired by the thought provoking music of the 70s and the eclectic Los Angeles landscape, eighteen songs poured out of me. It was hard to pick the lineup for the record, but I carefully chose eleven that I thought told a story music fans could relate to.

This project is a concept world rock album. The songs on the record allude to issues like the refugee crisis, rising nationalism, vast inequality and the potential of space travel. I reached out to musicians from all over the world and invited them to be a part of this special project.

Songs like “Newspaper Man” tells the story of a disabled man in his sixties who was laid off from his job selling the Sunday newspaper weeks before his planned retirement. He had worked for the same company for fifty years and was let go because of a union disagreement.

Songs like “LGBTQ”, "Two Towers" and Deep Under Cover” comment on the power of change. There is a spiritual component in many of the songs that is intended to bring people together around the theme of love and harmony between all races and nationalities.

“Angels Calling” is a gospel rock song which alludes to the hero’s journey along the path to spiritual awakening. “Colonizer” is a testament to the existential threat of extinction we face on Earth as we prepare to colonize other planets. “Venus” addresses the issue of excessive money and power, “ Seven Generations” and “Memory In Time” ponder the questions we think about life after death.

This recording features some of LA's finest session musicians. Their dense and lush arrangements complement the compelling stories about the era we live in.

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Album Credits

Luke Adams - Drums

Rahim Alhaj- Oud

Chris Chaney - Bass

Danny Frankel - Bongs/Drums/Percussion

Lindsay Garfield - Vocals

Chase Jackson - Vibes, Piano, Synths, Arranging, Co-producer

Aaron Janik - Trumpet

De’ Sean Jones - Sax

Tatyana Mazur - Bandura

John Petrig - French Horn

Eddie Pimentel - Sax

Kirk Portuguese - Tenor Sax

Zach Ramacier - Trumpet

Nicolo Scolieri - Flute

Katie Sloan - Violin

Henry Solomon - Bari Sax

Aron Sterling - Drums

Cameron Stone - Cello

Robin Suhkadia - Tabla

Suzanne Teng - Flute

Evan Waltmire - Sax

Chris Votek - Cello

Produced by Scot Sier

Mixed by Michael Patterson,

Engineered by: Luke Adams, Chase Jackson, Scot Sier, Aaron Sterling

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