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The Art Of Protest Music

Click image to listen to "Newspaper Man", a workers anthem inspired by a true story

of a disabled newspaper seller losing his job.

Space And Other Things Official Release Date - May 26, 2023.

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Here we are fifteen years since the Occupy Movement began in Zuccotti Park, and not much has changed in rooting out corporate corruption. The divide in the US is at an all-time high, fueled by corporate lobbyists vying for control of today's split-personality American psyche. As Publicist/shameless idealist Eric Alper says, "The truth is out there, it just depends on where you look for it."

Fake news, Deep Fakes, Open AI, etc., has opened Pandora's box on our fragmenting reality. But, at least we have the one thing that keeps us sane, music. And as the founder of the Deep Under Cover brand, I stand behind my original ideals that the music empowers people to change. Or, come to some kind of understanding that we all can see eye to eye similar to a concert where politics doesn't matter.

The energy and inspiration of the Occupy Movement have not gone away since that infamous day. It can be heard in many artists today from The Smile to Mavis Staples. These protest songs and their message inspired me to write the eight song "Space And Other Things" record.

Art is a powerful audio/visual tool for change. The cover design by Los Angeles artist, Kii Arens is exactly that. The bright colors, a man and woman holding hands as they glance into the future surrounded by the cosmos and the energy of the three point triangle invite the listener to take a musical journey into today's fragmented American psyche.

The album opens with “Colonizer”, an orchestrated Bowie like song about alienation and the big dreams of the billionaire class (Elon Musk, etc.,) colonizing Mars. The other seven songs continue the story in an entertaining and thoughtful manner, touching on topical issues such as gay, refugee, workers and indigenous rights, with a touch of Los Angeles spiritual cultism. My goal for this record is to showcase these songs to serve a higher purpose fueled by my concerns over free speech, human rights issues, rising inequality and climate change.

I am excited about the future of music and the upcoming generations dedication to changing the old ways, making way for a more open and loving world. I hope you enjoy listening to this record and the incredible musicianship of those that backed me up on the project.

In Solidarity,

Scot Sier

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