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Music, a Catalyst for Change: Introducing "Space And Other Things"

It’s been fifteen years since the inception of the Occupy Movement, and yet the influence of corporatocracy persists, further dividing the United States. In an era of misinformation and fractured ideals, music stands as a grounding force. As the founder of Deep Under Cover, I firmly believe in the unifying power of music. Inspired by the spirit of the Occupy Movement and the protest songs of contemporary artists, I set out to create "Space And Other Things," an eight-song album with a mission to spark change and nurture understanding.

Art possesses a powerful capacity to incite transformation. The album's cover, envisioned by Los Angeles artist Kii Arens, encapsulates this idea. Bursting with vibrant colors, it portrays a couple holding hands, gazing into the future amidst cosmic elements and the energy of a three-point triangle. This artwork beckons listeners on a musical journey through the fragmented American psyche of our time.

Diving into the album, "Space And Other Things" kicks off with "Colonizer," an orchestral Bowie-esque track delving into themes of alienation and the ambitions of an exclusive billionaire class focused on colonizing Mars. The ensuing seven songs continue the narrative, addressing pressing issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, refugee crises, workers' rights, indigenous rights, and even delving into the spiritual cultism prevalent in Los Angeles. My aim with this album is to showcase these songs and their messages, all driven by concerns over free speech, human rights, growing inequality, and climate change.

As an artist, I am exhilarated by the future of music and the commitment of upcoming generations to challenge the status quo and forge a more inclusive, compassionate world. I extend an invitation to you to listen to this album and appreciate the exceptional musicianship of those who supported me throughout this project.

In Solidarity,

Scot Sier

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