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The beauty of the desert draws you into its vortex. A mysterious place of shadow and light, vast fields of sand and craggy mountains

is like no other. I moved here when Covid hit, settling in after living in Los Angeles where I recorded my, "Space And Other Things"

album released in 2023. It's an album that ponders the future and how we can shape it. You can listen to it on my music page.

Music to me is a spiritual journey. My love of nature and people and the stories we tell find themselves in my songs. My first album,

"Heads Or Tales" was recorded while living in San Francisco California. I crowd sourced the money to finish it on Kickstarter. Thanks

to a supportive fans base of fans, friends and family, I released it in 2015. Many of the songs were featured on Public Television, a

exercise app ad campaign and in a a video for Seattle's SeaTac Airport art installation video by artist/activist, Buster Simpson. It

features a one of a kind guitar tuning I discovered in a lucid dream after a life changing encounter with a mystical experience on

the rugged coast of Northern California. You can read more about it here


I built a recording studio in my home in La Quinta, near Palm Springs to flush out new songwriting ideas. I lucid dream each night, projecting myself into the cosmos, and returning to Earth as a sentient being of light filled with insights that fill my song book diary.  I wake to the sounds of birds chirping early in the morning and, watch the small sunspot on the horizon engulf the skies with a heat that drives me to a strong work ethic of getting things done. There is where the magic lies. In desert time, you find comfort in the past. Lots of music, interesting people, spiritual seekers, crackpots, addicts, poets, dreamers, fighters, and lovers have all shaped the music I write. "Heads Or Tales" and, "Space And Other Things" are filled with their stories. 


I believe the desert has a way of opening an internal dialogue with nature.  An existential feeling hovers over this landscape, dried fields, hidden washes, burrows deep below the ancient sea bed of time that open up the mind to new paradigms of our existence. Future-Past is a word I use to describe the energy here. 

The songs I have written since moving to the desert are a reflective diary of hopes and dreams in the midst of an existential crisis! I call the new album, "Dreaming In Vapors".  An appropriate title for the search of meaning in a world gone mad.


"In this world, we’re born to a light that’s crying like a lamb”. That’s the opening to Lonely World, a song from the album about our shared pilgrimage to the great beyond where we are mere infants cradled in the arms of the universe. Here is a sneak preview.


This vast space of energy is filled with our creative endeavors like a giant encyclopedia of existence beckoning our call. The stories unfold, the dreams sold by carnival barkers whose wallets are filled with gold. Jim Morrison got it right with his lyrics, ”Made the scene, week to week, day to day, hour to hour, the gate is straight, deep and wide, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side”.


Hope to see you there.

Scot Sier

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